My Code of Conduct

This is adopted from the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Gallery Mystes

Integrity Integrity Integrity- In decision making and or interacting with visitors and clients ask yourself always what has the most authenticity and integrity and act accordingly

Keep your word and your commitments - if you cannot, clearly communicate this in a timely manner and make amends where necessary ( ie I missed a meeting due to lack of organized scheduling I make an authentic apology taking responsibility for my mistake and then I offer to make amends, “you have the first spot next week, what can I do to make up for the time we have lost? Can I buy you coffee at our meeting?” etc.) 

Keep the first commitment- if there is a scheduling conflict that arises, keep the one you committed to first.

Honestly communicate your needs and desires. Do NOT manipulate others to get your needs met or attain what you desire. 

Enter without underlying agenda- be open to the outcome not attached to the outcome

This is a place of healing- follow what has deep heart and meaning 

Show up and be present to your commitments and dreams

Speak the truth without blame or judgment to the best of your ability

Drama and Intensity that does harm is not welcome here.  We avoid this by keeping open, direct, honest, and clean relationship and communication lines. (However Actors of the drama profession and intense weird artsy people are more than welcome) :P

If you have an issue with someone communicate it within 7 days ( following the 24 hour 3 days or 7 days rule) 

Do not triangulate or vent to others- sometimes we need this in order to gain insight or creative solutions as long as it is solution oriented venting can be helpful otherwise it perpetuates patterns of harmful drama and intensity.  Choose the former not the latter.  ( ask for a handout on triangulation if you need clarification on this behavior and its negative impacts) 

No gossiping just don’t it doesn’t do anyone any good

Do what promotes sustainability, viability, celebration, and community intimacy. This means being vulnerable… safely.

Compassion- remember everyone is learning, I am learning you are learning we are all learning all the time

Emotional Safety is of the utmost importance in the gallery. This means all feelings are respected, heard, and acknowledged. If this makes your tummy curl ...probably best not to apply. 

When experiencing a Passion Projection (sexual attraction) or Heart Opening (Crush) on one of your colleagues or someone involved with the gallery on a professional line- ie exhibiting artist, collector, friend of exhibiting artist or colleague. Keep a clean relationship line. Have a direct conversation to either dissolve the attraction or clarify comfort, boundaries, and consent where it is reciprocated. Do not hit on people and do not not assume reciprocal interest. 

Cruelty will NOT BE tolerated you will be removed from the company and required to undergo counseling for 1-3 years before being allowed to reapply for a position in the company.

Racial, gender, sexual orientation, religious,ableist, lookist, ageist,  and/or cultural discrimination etc are NOT TOLERATED you will be required to undergo implicit bias training and to engage a restorative justice process with the harmed party in order to remain in the company. This is a SAFE place for all peoples and a center for reconciliation and healing. Any behavior that does not support this mission will be corrected as necessary. 

When conflict arises or mistakes are made in adhering to the code of conduct and ethics there will be a restorative justice process to make amends for harm done and learn from failing. If needed it will be taken to outside mediation.

Everyone involved in the company must be willing to receive feedback about their impact regardless of what the intentions are around an issue. When impact is communicated recognize acknowledge and make amends where necessary. ( this is restorative justice)

Each restorative justice process will be tailored to the issue.and created by the Company’s counsel.   

No premature solutions- stay in the conversation until a win win is found with reasonable and cooperative parties.