Creative Mentoring

Accessing Creativity for Personal Growth and Healing



Ashley has studied mystical traditions around the world (Germany, France, South Africa, and the US). She has a focus in tracking and reclaiming the old traditions of Europe through folklore, herbalism, beekeeping, and  Catholic mysticism. 

She has trained with Char Sundust of SOI for 10 years. Through this training she is able to bridge to many traditions for the benefit of her clientele.


Creativity as Medicine

Ashley is an incredibly precise visionary and genius strategist. She assists her clients in utilizing the  power of their own creativity to fulfill their personal and professional dreams.

Assisted by her mystical training she can also provide ceremony and ritual to assist clients in dissolving any blocks they are experiencing in accessing their creativity and true voice.


Things You Should Ask Me

What is your code of conduct?

What are your rates?

$105 per hour long session. Session may go over up to 15 minutes.

How do I schedule?

I run my mentoring program through Gallery Mystes.  You can email to set up your appoinment.


"Working with Ashley as a creative mentor unveiled for me a fascinating process, effective in a way that rational, linear left-brained thinking can only gawk at in curious wonder: she has a skillful capacity to connect the dots of your story and your unique evolutionary process in ways you might be missing, from her own vantage point as a bee-keeping, Neolithic yet modern, multidimensional time crone. Approach her with an issue or a block and she will see and begin to heal and reconcile all of your ‘selves’ (5 year old you, 13 year old you, 21 year old you...) to be in alignment with your current goals. She is a sharp, fantastic psychic detective with many tools and modalities at her disposal; truly a unique and consistently surprising person to work with at unlocking/unblocking your creative process and personal development." - Steven B.